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Home » (often miswritten as is one of the common default gateways. It is not used as often as or, but still, some manufacturers assign this address to their routers since it’s private IP address just like any 192.168.x.x.

Our main goal will be to explain all the basic things you need to know about IP addresses and to give you some examples of how to use this address.

How To Connect a router with IP Address

Step 1: First, you will need to ensure that your computer or device is connected to the same network as the router. This can be done by connecting to the Wi-Fi network that the router is broadcasting or by connecting an Ethernet cable directly to the router.

Step 2: By typing in the address bar and by pressing Enter, you will get to the login page

Step 3: By entering any of the default usernames and passwords (Username: admin, Password: admin), you will come to the setup page (or router’s configuration page)

You can use this page to adjust all kinds of network-related settings – you can set a name for your wireless network (SSID), change password and username, enter static IP address along with subnet mask and default DSN, etc.

Issues You May Experience When Using ( solutions for these issues)

Entering router’s configuration page is not always simple. There are sometimes issues that prevent you from entering this page.

Some of these issues are not so complicated but, on some occasions, the only solution is resetting the router or even buying a new one (in case of a hardware failure).

Connection to is taking too long

If the connection is taking too long or you can’t even connect to the router and access the login page, you can use ping command in Command Prompt (Windows) or in Terminal (Linux and Mac OS) to establish if there is some network issue.

By typing in ‘’ping’’ you will send experimental data packages from your device to your router and if these packages are getting echoed back to you, then everything is fine with network.

If you get some error message, then you can try restarting the router or if that doesn’t work, try resetting it by pressing the reset button for a few seconds (depending on the model, you might have to hold this button for 10 seconds).

Technical Failures

If the ping test fails (if you get message like IP address can’t be reached or connection timed out) then you can be assured that there is some problem with the network.

If resetting the router doesn’t help, there is probably some hardware failure and you should buy a new router.

Typing mistakes

If you make a typing mistake, you won’t be able to access login page. The most common mistake with this address is entering too many zeros ( instead of  Be careful and always check the address you entered before pressing Enter.

Wrong password and/or username

If you can’t access the configuration page because of the wrong password and/or username, you should check first if you are using the right ones. You will find the defaults in the user manual or at the back of the router (there should be some sticker or label).

You can also try typing in some of the most common combinations (admin, Administrator, empty fields, etc.). If nothing works, reset is the only solution.

IP Conflicts

If your router’s default gateway is and there is some device with the same reserved (static) IP address, that device will be in conflict with the router (IP conflict) and there will be network issues.

The solution – reserve different address for that device and avoid IP conflict that way.


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