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Home » is a Class C private IPv4 address. It’s one of the addresses from the block of private addresses inside block C (all the 192.168.x.x addresses belong to this block).

The fact that it is a private address means that it can’t be routed on the internet and can only be used inside the private networks (Local Area Networks). also belongs to a smaller subnetwork This address can be assigned to modems, routers, and other networking devices and used as a default gateway but it’s not as popular as some other addresses from the subnetwork.

Addresses like,,,,, or are much more popular default gateways (especially

The only manufacturer that assigns this address to its devices is Luxul and the only Luxul device with this address assigned to it is the access point XAP-1040.

If you are using this access point, you can open its configuration page by typing in your browser’s address bar. You can use the configuration page to change security and network settings.

If is one of the available addresses in the DHCP pool, it can also be assigned to some device connected to your home network. This address can be assigned automatically (as a dynamic IP) or manually (as a static IP).

Automatic Assignment

Your router (which is also your DHCP server) assigns IP addresses to every device connected to your home wi-fi network.

These addresses are assigned automatically by default and if is one of the addresses inside the scope of available addresses, it can be assigned to your PC, laptop, phone, or some other device.

When the addresses are assigned automatically, they are considered dynamic IP addresses which basically means that they are not permanently assigned to your device.

If you disconnect the device, the address will get back to the DHCP pool and will be available again – it can be assigned to some other device.

If you want to have this address reserved for your device only, you have to assign it manually and make it static.

Manual Assignment

In order to assign the address permanently to your computer, printer, camera, or some other device, you have to make a reservation in the DHCP settings (in your router’s configuration page) or to change some TCP/IPv4 settings.

That way, the address will be marked as unavailable even when your device is not connected and it will stay unavailable until you cancel the reservation.


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